Upward Consulting is a company that provides training, coaching, and consulting services through outstanding approaches leading to operational excellence. Lean & Agile approaches are in the heart of our practices. We strongly believe that increasing the companies’ flexibility and adaptability is the best way to address the complexity of the market and be up to speed with the pace of our environment.

Define “Operational Excellence” your own way with our tailor-made consulting services. We rely on our extensive experience to introduce your company to proven practices catering specifically to its case and assist your teams in understanding well the principles behind these practices. Instead of implementing a predefined blueprint, we guide you in setting up your own Agile path. .

Agile Transition Flow

Agile Transition Flow is a coaching program designed to support you in implementing Agile in your organization. Our experts assist you to find your own solutions in order to optimize your processes through retrospection and ensure continuous improvement. n

Agile improvement Initiative

Agile Improvement Initiative is a special coaching program for those who have already embarked on their Agile journey and want to get deeper insight of this development method. It is set up to help you reach the Operational Excellence you are looking for.

Agile Scoring: How agile are you?

Based on the Agile Manifesto, we have established an Agile Maturity index. A handy tool that helps you move forward with your development steps and allows your company to regularly assess where it stands on the Agile/Lean market.

Scrum Master Training: Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF)

This training lays the foundation for the setup of an effective Scrum team for your company. The Scrum training materials are provided by Scrum.org, established by Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum. Read More

Kanban: Improve yours delivery capability.

The Certified Kanban Training introduces you to the Lean & Agile principles, adopted for managing knowledge work. Read More

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner® Preparation

Complementing the scrum training, this combination of lectures and discussions is dedicated to the PMI-ACP® exam content & preparation. It includes the others Agile methodologies such as extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, Crystal etc. the specifities of Agile Risk Management, Agile EVM, & Agile Product Manager…n

Work Together Anywhere Workshop

This interactive course aims to create a smooth, high-bandwidth, non-glitchy team experience online!. It is is designed to share experiences and learn how to: Avoid miscommunication, Increase camaraderie, Run problem free meetings where everyone contributes, Inspire continuous improvement

Management 3.0

This course is designed for managers who are aiming to implement the Agile mindset in their management practices.

Mind Mapping

This course revolves around Tony Buzan’s widely recognized technique. It acquaints attendees with ways to implement Buzan’s software and benefit from it.

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Pierre Hervouet

Pierre Hervouet

Agile Management Catalyst

Pierre is a consultant with over 25 years of experience where he developed competencies in business performance, management, finance, project management & marketing. Located in Lebanon he was the Business Performance Manager during more than 10 years of one of the major Lebanese engineering company. He is co-founder the NGO Agile Liban & Agile Middle East, Co-organizer of conference in the Middle East as well as an active speaker. His moto: “agile for the software development and beyond”.

Pierre Neis

Pierre Neis

Lean Agile Expert

Pierre is an experienced Agile Lean Coach . He has tested unconventional Scrum coaching approaches in Audit, Asset Management, Industry, Education, Government & private equities. He has developed several Agile custom frameworks like [sKale] (HR) and PLöRK (Leadership through games). Pierre is co-organizing the Lean Kanban France, The Agile for Human Resources & #play14 conferences. His moto: "Agile does not provide predictions. It reduces complexity that increases predictability"

Julien Mazloum

Julien Mazloum

Partner Coach Trainer

Julien is a Software Engineer with more than 14 years. Acknowledging the importance of management and “building the right product” in Software development, Julien obtained his MBA in 2006 and started as a management consultant for different companies. Julien has been coaching many individuals, teams and organizations (from startups to Fortune 500 multinationals) to become Agile.nJulien is an active speaker in Agile conferences and the co-founded OutSofting in 2008 located in Chinann

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